UART Application Kit quick note

Last updated: 04/20/10



1.      Install Digi Embedded Linux 5.2 (RevB or RevA)


2.      Install patches via PackageManager:

del-5_2-hf1 <= this one includes UART AppKit support as external module


3.      Create a new kernel/kernel modules/rootfs project e.g. for ConnectCore 9M2443

In the kernel configuration (configure project) select:

Device Drivers -> Character devices -> Serial drivers -> 8250/16550 and compatible
  as "loadable module" which is a "." in the graphical configuration tool (not a check) SERIAL_8250 = m

also enable:

External Modules Configuration -> Kernel external modules -> UART application kit (DEL_KMOD_UARTAPPKIT)


4.      Build and install kernel and rootfs and deploy it to the module.


5.      During runtime when UART AppKit is connected load the drivers (can also be done via
an .sh script from /etc/init.d/) with:

# modprobe 8250_uak
# modprobe uart_appkit

This will create the devices on external UART:
/dev/ttySUAK0  PORTA
/dev/ttySUAK1  PORTB
/dev/ttySUAK2  PORTC
/dev/ttySUAK3  PORTD


6.      See also Help->Contents->Digi ESP for Embedded Linux-> 19.2 UART Application Kit