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  FAQ: Removing MPI Manually
FAQ: Removing MPI Manually Occasionally a situation will develop where MPI either fails to install correctly or is corrupted in such a way that pkgrm (SVR4), or custom --> remove (SCO) cannot remove the package successfully.

The following procedure will remove MPI from the system manually.

  1. Remove the Device Drivers
    cd /etc/conf/bin
    • If ISA or EISA Xi or Xe cards were installed:
        ./idinstall -d pcxx
        ./idinstall -d pcx1
    • If Microchannel Xi or Xe cards were installed:
        ./idinstall -d mcxx
        ./idinstall -d mcx1
    • If Xr cards were installed:
        ./idinstall -d pcxr
        ./idinstall -d pcr1
    • If EPC/X C/X or X/em were installed:
        ./idinstall -d epca [epc(b-h) may exist on some systems]
        ./idinstall -d epc1
    • If digiScreen was installed:
        ./idinstall -d dscr
  2. Remove the parts of MPI

      cd /usr/bin
      rm ./mpi ./dpa.Z ./dscreen ./ditty
      cd /etc
      rm ./dsinfo ./epcadl ./pcxrdl ./pcxxdl
      rm ./digi/*
    • For SVR4

        cd /usr/include/sys
        rm ./stdigi.h rm ./dgdscr.h
        cd /usr/share/man
        rm ./man1/ditty.1
        rm ./man4/dsinfo.4
    • For SCO OpenServer

        rm /usr/include/sys/digi.h
        rm /usr/spool/lp/model/dumb.dg
  3. Relink the kernel

      cd /etc/conf/bin
Revised 05/25/01: CL

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