Boot Console Commands

Use this command table to configure an EtherLite module with Boot Console. More information on Boot Console is available at the Digi website at


  1. The commands are case-sensitive. The Ethernet cable must be reattached after the commands are entered to allow the changes to be stored and activated.
  2. To store commands permanently in flash RAM, such as gw, ip, sm, ahip, ahm, and tftpip, be sure to follow that command with the store command.

Command Description

help Displays the command list with a brief description.
show Shows all settings
boot Resumes the boot process with status messages being logged to the terminal
ip Sets the IP address (The default address is
gw Sets the gateway address (The default address is
sm Sets the subnet mask address (The default address is
ahip Sets the authorized hosts IP address This specifies which DHCP server can assign an IP address to an EtherLite module. (The default address is
ahm Sets the authorized hosts mask address (The default address is
tftpip Sets the server host for bootfile tftp address (The default address is*
bf Sets the bootfile name (The default name is elxx.prm)*
store Stores the settings in flash RAM
erase Erases the settings in flash RAM and resets all the defaults
reset Resets all defaults
ping Pings an IP address
  * Note: These values are not supported by the store command, consequently when the EtherLite module loses power this information will be lost.