Digi TransPort WR11 Archives


Last Updated: 2/17/2021



AN09 - Using IPsec over a mobile network from a Digi TransPort router to a Cisco router

AN11 - IPSec between a Windows 2000 / XP and a Digi Transport Router

AN15 - Configure a Dual SIM cellular router to automatically failover to the second SIM card and remain on SIM 2 until a failure is detected, then revert to SIM 1.

AN17 - Command Line Response Manipulation

AN22 - Configure an IPSEC VPN tunnel between two Digi Transport Routers using Certificates and SCEP

AN23 - Configure Automatic Emails

AN24 - Making and receiving GSM Circuit-Switched Data Calls (CSD)

AN25 - Configure an IPSEC VPN Tunnel Between a Cisco and Sarian or Digi TransPort router Using Certificates and SCEP

AN26 - Configure a Sarian or Digi TransPort router as an L2TP over IPSEC Client

AN27 - Configure an IPSEC VPN between a Sarian or Digi Transport Router and Cisco PIX

AN29 - Create an IPsec VPN between a Digi TransPort router and TheGreenBow VPN client

AN32- Using SNAIP in RAW mode over IPSEC

AN33 - Using Using TPAD in direct mode with ISDN

AN34 - Configuring ADSL to failover to PSTN with automatic testing and recovery back to ADSL

AN35 - Configuring ADSL to failover to Cellular with automatic testing and recovery back to ADSL.

AN40 - Configure Ethernet Bridging Between Local and Remote DIGI TransPort Networks

AN42 - Dynamic VPN tunnels using Egroups and MySQL with fail-over to local database

AN50 - Configure a TransPort router as a L2TP IPsec VPN server for Android and Apple iOS clients

AN51 - Verizon LTE Provisioning on Digi TransPort




QN01 - Configure a Sarian or Digi TransPort router to send an automatic email on a specific event

QN02 - Configure the wireless WAN (PPP) interface

QN05 - Converting GRE configurations from the old to the new method

QN07 - Configure a PPTP tunnel to Windows 2003 Server running RRAS

QN11 - Configuring a Digi TransPort as a PPTP server for Windows Clients

QN12 - Configuring a Sarian or Digi TransPort wireless router to use 2 APNís simultaneously

QN13 - Digi TransPort to Netgear DG834G IPSec tunnel

QN14 - Secure File Upload Using PSCP

QN16 - Configuring HTTPS web server mode

QN17 - MIB file creation and basic usage with SNMP clients

QN19 - Using SSH tunnelling to securely manage a router with HTTP

QN21 - Determining the HSDPA/HSUPA wireless module type in a Sarian or Digi TransPort branded router

QN22 - Configuring Wireless LAN security and DHCP on the DR6410 mk.II

QN25 - CDMA Provisioning on a Digi TransPort Router

QN31 - Using an External Modem with a Digi TransPort Router

QN32 - Using Digi RealPort with a Digi TransPort Router

QN33 - Modifying the Mac Address on a Digi TransPort Router

QN37 - Configuring a TransPort Serial Port for TCP Sockets

QN43 - Telit firmware update on Digi TransPort

QN44 - Data Usage - Digi Remote Manager

QN46 - Temperature Monitoring on Digi TransPort Routers

QN53 - Ethernet to W-WAN Failover with Logical Ethernet Interface

QN55 - Configure a Digi TransPort Router with NAT to a Passive FTP Server

QN58 - Carrier Switching with MC7455

QN59 - Upload PPP stats to Remote Manager using Digi ESP

QN301 - Hardware Errata: GOBI 3G Carrier Conversion




Application Guide : Upload a File via RCI

Security Bulletin: DNS Proxy Vulnerability on Internet Connected Routers/Gateways