RabbitCore RCM5700
MAC ID and Flash Size
Data in User ID Block

RCM5700 RabbitCore modules manufactured before December, 2008, have the flash size incorrectly specified as 512 KB in the user block, and some modules may have incorrect MAC address information. You may run the sample program SAMPLES\UserBlock\IDBLOCK_REPORT.C to determine whether you have such a board.

A utility is provided on our Web site at www.digi.com/support/documentation/WriteIdBlock_RCM5700.zip to correct these problems. Once you have downloaded the zip file, WriteIdBlock_RCM5700.zip, unzip the archive into your Dynamic C main folder. The WRITE_IDBLOCK_RCM57xx.C utility will be placed automatically into the SAMPLES\RCM5700 subfolder and the support libraries will be placed automatically into the LIB\Rabbit4000\Write_ID subfolder.

Now open the WRITE_IDBLOCK_RCM57xx.C utility.

If you have to add the MAC address, edit the last three bytes of the const char newMAC[6] array as shown below to set the unique MAC address.

The last three bytes of the MAC address can be found on the bar-coded label as shown below.

In this example, the array would appear as follows with the new MAC address.

Now compile and run the utility like you would a sample program. If you wish to add/update the MAC address, press the N key when asked
"Retain the XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX MAC address (Y/N)?"

If you have any questions or problems, Technical Support can be reached using the e-mail form at www.digi.com/support/eservice/.

020-0158 Rev. A
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