UBoot Release 1.1.3 FS.3 LxNETES 3.2 and WinCE 5.x only

for FSF CC9P9360 modules FS-382, FS-383 and FS-3013




Last Updated: 08/01/07 Fix Count: 1


U-Boot Release 1.1.3 FS.3
Case: internal
Date Fixed: 08/01/07

Engineering has released a new U-Boot 1.1.3 FS.3 which also runs on industrial temperature CC9P930 modules.

It is suitable only for customers using FS-3013, FS-0382, and FS-0383 modules. E.g. using LxNETES-3.2 or WinCE5.x on those modules.


Release Notes:

The u-boot-1.1.3-FS.3 release includes all bug fixes collected thru release 2d and the following additional fixes:


-Improved support for USB sticks (backported from 1.1.4).

-Fixed some typos on default variable definitions jffs2s -> jffs2.

-Support for 155MHz variants.




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