iDigi Connector for Wind River Linux: Tour Guide


Welcome back! Now that you have successfully connected your M2M Gateway to the iDigi Device Cloud, part 1 of this guide will walk you through a quick tour exploring some of the capabilities of your cloud-connected device.

Note: Before proceeding with the following steps, you must follow the instructions within your M2M Gateway's Quick Start Guide. This guide comes packaged with your device, and contains instructions for connecting your device's hardware.

  • Step 1 - View your M2M Gateway's File Management Configuration
  • Step 2 - View your M2M Gateway's Remote Configuration
  • Step 3 - View Application Data
  • Step 4 - Download the Display Sample to your M2M Gateway

Once you've completed these steps, Part 2 of this guide will show you how to Run the Wind River USB Live Image.

To begin the process of setting up your Kit, proceed with Step 1: View your Device's File Management Configuration.


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